Friday, October 21, 2011

Lets Read!

 Dayani first ABC book...

Excited dapat buku baru

 Lets read Dayani

L for Lion...ROarrrr

K for Kitten..miaoww

Its a touch & feel book...bleh pegang2 ada tekstur

ok..Dayani dh bosan..tutup buku..makan buku sambil tgk tv...huuu

A little tips for mommies..

When you should start reading for your baby?

  • Begin reading as soon as possible. Even if they can't open their eyes, they can hear your voice.
  • Once they can open their eyes, read and point to objects. Even if they can't yet focus, they can likely see colors and blurry shapes. Before you know it, they'll be focusing their eyes more intently. 

What Type of Books Do Babies Like?

  • 2-4 sentences per page is about the maximum 
  • Look for books that have brightly colored animals, skies, and objects
  • bright colors!
Source: Squidoo

"Reading to a child, no matter how small, will pay off " .. BabyCenter

Hope it help =)


ps: tengah teruja beli buku untuk Dayani =))
pss: kat sini ada banyak buku untuk baby....he =P

Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Push Walker


Dayani is getting more & more mobile lately..she's kind of practising her "walk"...she loves to push the dining chair even accidentally toppled on her one day...huhu

practising her stand *luv the tutu =p

So i've googled around some info on baby i'm talking about push type of walker not the sit in type..the sit in type is kind of were banned in some country can read it here,

Baby walkers have often been criticized as begin a potentially dangerous toy

I've read lots of good review on baby push walker... from Baby Center,

You can encourage your baby to walk by standing or kneeling in front of him and holding out your hands, by holding both his hands and walking him towards you, or by buying a toddle truck or a similar contraption he can hold onto and push (look for toddle toys that are stable and have a wide base of support).

...and this article provide some tips on using it & this article had some info on how to choose it..

so decided to buy her a push walker to stroll around...& being a cheapskate i am i've found a cheap & reasonable ones at Tesco for RM 39.90 only! =P

quite nice rite?

it cheap but kind of nice..the colors are not so nice first kind of excited for Dayani to try push it around butttt silly me she's still can't handle the pushing method properly and she fell backward with it..poor her..huuu...blame it on me the over excited mom...haha...

trying to balance herself while pushing

well the push walker also can be converted to activity board so it is still not wasted...maybe she can try pushing it again in 2, 3 month =)

busy exploring

So now Dayani back on her usual activities>>pushing the dining chair! mum even tied the chair to the table for safety precaution..haha

ps: baby's toys are soooo adorable..huuu