Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eye infection

dayani got her 1st eye infection last friday. Balik nursery sakit mate..huhu. poor her..abis bertaik mata & berair but luckily it was not irritating sebab die ilex je x nangis...hee

at first panik sb x tau nak bagi ubat ape then i googled & found out that ubat sakit mata is breast milk! huu.baru tau. penah jugak dgr tapi ingt mitos je but it is proven scientifically as refer here. Actually breast milk contain antibodi immunoglobulin A which can prevent bacteria dalam mata tu merebak. After apply 2,3 times, Alhamdulillah her eye got better already.

btw, breast milk can also be used to heal ear infections, scrapes, scratches, cuts, and sore nipples. Kene cuba next time =)

p/s: kalau nak ubat ear infection, kene buh susu dalam telinga ke??

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jom Gedik2

Dayani being cheeky

pictures taken by my phone during our trip back from Kuantan for Chuck & Yaya's wedding. Time ni abah die bz tgk airshow.he