Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday My Other Half

Selamat Hari Lahir buat Hati Sebelah Lagi =)

Thanks for being a wonderful husband & dad

Friday, May 6, 2011

She's 4 month

Its May. Dayani turn 4 month already =)

Few updates on what she learn so far.

#She loves watching TV. Can occupy her for awhile. Some says tv bad for your kids but cant help it if it can give me some time to do chores around the house =p

#Rolling over is her skill. Pantang letak mesti mau meniarap then bising2 mau pusing balik. I even caught her flip herself during her sleep. huhu. oh btw, she can flip from front to back only. Cant yet flip the other way - from back to front.

#She can respond to people around her more. Giggling and flapping her hand. She loves being around people.

#Can enjoy playing with her toys now. She can hold, grasp and lick the toys.

#Loves to talk. Minah keypoh in the making =p. Usually in the morning, when she woke up early, she'll blabber to herself in her cot. Once she sees us she cries want to be lifted up. cute.

#Laugh out loud. More like screaming i think..huhu

#Bubbles girl. Suke main air liur. pffft

#Loves to go out. Kaki jalan. hee

#Loves books. My future bookworm. Welcome to the club baby =)

#Her hair is getting longer. Can start browsing around for cute hairband. hehe

#Had a fever+cold twice (err..not a milestones i guess)

#like to pretend she can hold the milk bottles by herself. Eksen lebih.

Alhamdulillah..overall i'm blessed to have a healthy & active daughter =)

Little Miss Rolling

Bila mama masak di dapur, abah ralit main tepon, dayani?












masuk bawah meja =p

Sempat pose senyum lagi tu nak amik gambar..huhu

ps: dayani makin lasak..pagi tadi sedar2 die dh tido kat sbelah..die golek2 dari cot die sampai atas katil..huhu

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cold + Fever Again

Its a 3 days weekend & we spent it at home only. Dayani had a fever+cold for the 2nd time. huhu. 1st time she had a fever was last month. We woke up at 4am & sponge her+gave her med. We're kind of panicked and actually thought we should brought her to the hospital but luckily the fever cold down a few hour later =)

So the 2nd time were kind of prepared mentally & physically. hee
Muka budak demam. Cian die. huhu