Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wean Off Pacifier


So Dayani is now officially pacifier free!!!

1st official outing with pacifier

Able to wean her off on 20 January 2012. Just drastically stop giving her pacifier on that day. Since it was a long we thought why not we start train her to stop using it =)

Aumm..makan die
So Alhamdullilah since more pacifier..heeee

tapi dugaan banyaakkkk..she hardly slept in her cot now..she want to sleep in my arm all night looong..huhu..sakit belakang..iskisk

few nights jugak die sedar mlam2 nangis jerit2 cari pacifier die...tapi skrang it gradually slowing down..but stil ade rengek2 sket..huhu

bye2 my little soother

sometimes rase geram cam nak bagi balik je pacifier tuu..tapi tahannn..he

I had a love-hate relationship with its convenience..hate to handle it..huhu..tapi seriously..pacifier sgt menyenangkan hidup..Dayani bleh tido sendiri..x cranky...senang nak handle time kluar jalan2...but had to stop pacifier sebab memang budget nak bagi sampai setahun je..Dayani pon dh start ade gigi banyak sket so xnak interrupt her teeth growth (plus serabut org dok potpetpotpet..ish2)

gigi atas dua..bawah dua..hee

so proud of little angel is a big girl now =))
baca magazine sambil tunggu checkup =p

ps: lame x updet blog..banyak miss milestone die..huhu